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Heating Element

Pipe Heater
Pipe Heater

1,Voltage and power according to your requirement. 2,It is useful for hot runner mould, plastic injection, plastic extruder machine etc. 3,Thermocouple type k/j/e can be attached. 4,1 year guara...

Press In Brass Coil Heater
Press In Brass Coil Heater

1. Safety in use 2. Has quick heat dissipation, high insulation, greatly extend the service life of heater 3. has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and CE certification 4. With high te...

Spring Coil Heater
Spring Coil Heater

Hot runner coil Heater, is enclosed to inner and outer pipes , which ensure the body heated uniformly. 1 Coil heater is small section linear heating elements. 2 Voltage and power according ...

Tuber Heater
Tuber Heater

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